Uzbekistan‘s most cutting-edge factory

The Angren Shakar refinery was commissioned in August 2014

An international success story

The refinery has been in operation since the end of August 2014, producing an average of 900 t/d of refined sugar, with top rates of more than 1,000 t/d. It took a joint effort by all the companies involved in the implementation of the project – from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan – to achieve this. BMA had initially been responsible only for the supply of most of the equipment and for the extensive planning work. At Angren Shakar‘s request during assembly, we took on additional services, such as training the operating team in the basic principles of sugar technology and plant operation, and the complex task of coordinating all partners during commissioning.

Major contributions to the success of the project came not only from our external partners, but also from BMA subsidiaries. BMA Automation was responsible for process automation and supplied a wide range of switchgear. BMA Russia handled, for instance, the planning and assembly of the boiler house, and ran training courses in Russian lasting several weeks for the operating team.

An asset to the whole region

Within just two years, what has emerged from nothing is not a simple sugar refinery, but one of Uzbekistan‘s most cuttingedge factories. With this outstanding achievement, BMA and Angren Shakar have together helped enhance the attractiveness of the whole region.

Around 250 new jobs have been created – which are very much sought after, because of good working conditions in a new factory and above-average pay. More than 1,200 applications for employment had been received even before operation started.

Own equipment (BMA Group)

  • Melters and revolving-arm minglers
  • Evaporators
  • Batch vacuum pans
  • Strike receivers
  • Centrifugals
  • Drum dryers
  • Switchgear
  • Process control systems

Equipment from other suppliers (bought in)

  • Pumps (all process pumps)
  • Conveyor elements (complete, for raw sugar storage and main process)
  • Cooling towers
  • Filtration and carbonatation equipment
  • Scales
  • Compressors
  • Packaging machinery
  • Miscellaneous

Stefan Friedrich, Thoralf Schulz