2018 Joint Sales Meeting

With temperatures a pleasant 26 degrees outside, the BMA Sales team are currently meeting at the head office in Braunschweig. Once more, it becomes clear why BMA won the Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award last year: delegations have come from many different countries, including the United States, China, Russia and Brazil.

The meeting in the heart of Braunschweig, just across from the former ducal palace, will last two days and, as always, has a packed agenda. To start off, the individual sales regions will introduce themselves in no particular order. It soon becomes clear that no two markets are alike. But there are similarities, and many best practice examples. Sharing them provides an opportunity for learning from each other and for continuously improving customer solutions.

The BMA portfolio is also evolving. From January 2019, BMA will be shipping batch centrifugals with a Smart Monitoring function as standard. It will then be possible to monitor the machines’ performance indicators via a dashboard, at any time and from anywhere. Smart Monitoring forms part of the smart4sugar programme from BMA, which bundles, for instance, activities for developing the IoT capability of machinery, equipment and plants. Also on the agenda is the launch of the new DRP massecuite pump from August 2018