Südzucker – a long-term partner in the development of BMA centrifugals

In 2011, we commissioned our prototype of the E1810-230 batch centrifugal for white sugar II for the thick juice campaign at Südzucker’s Plattling sugar factory. That marked the beginning of a step-by-step renewal of the centrifugal station in Plattling, which until then had consisted of Selwig and Lange machines built in 1988.

This extensive modernisation became necessary due to difficulties in spare parts procurement, the large number of batch cycles, and because the old machines no longer complied with current safety and hygiene standards. The results of the BMA E1810 prototype were so convincing that Südzucker opted for the newly developed E-series from BMA, purchased four centrifugals for processing raw sugar for the next campaign. The sugar factory then decided to replace the remaining white sugar II centrifugals with new BMA machines. This was completed in 2016.  

In the current sugar beet campaign, Südzucker is also processing white sugar I with the latest generation of BMA E centrifugals in this factory. We are delighted with this development, which encourages us to continue with our research and development in the field of sugar production.  

Collaboration with the team at the Plattling sugar factory has been excellent over the past 10 years. The implementation of this project was only possible because Südzucker supported us as a development partner throughout the launch of our new centrifugal E series. 

Key benefits of the BMA E series:

  • High throughput, with efficient energy consumption (0.85 kWh/t massecuite) 
  • Controlled and consistent sugar quality thanks to state-of-the-art automation features 
  • Latest safety standards and conformity with hygiene requirements (EN 12100 and DIN EN 1672-2) 
  • Outstanding ease of operation 
  • Elliptical discharge openings for a longer basket service life 
  • Longer maintenance intervals 
  • Easy access for maintenance  
  • Very smooth running  

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