BMA Academy starting soon

The BMA Academy will be offering various seminars all dealing with sugar production, BMA equipment and BMA process components. Experienced BMA speakers will be presenting theoretical background knowledge as well as running hands-on training units.

The training topics will be organised in a modular structure and take into account each participant’s level of knowledge. We can thus offer you training programmes that are tailor-made to suit your specific requirements and prior knowledge.

More information about the BMA Academy Programme will be available on our website soon.  But if you require urgent training for your staff in the meantime, please contact us! We will be glad to offer you a custom solution.

Mrs. Maja Drage
Phone    +49-(0) 531-804-366
Fax     +49-(0) 531-804-216


Investing in staff development always pays off!

  • Your staff will become experts in their field
  • Work processes are made quicker and easier
  • Processes are optimised and run more efficiently
  • Production downtimes are shortened or even prevented
  • This helps save costs