The E series: batch-type BMA centrifugals

For BMA as a world leader in sugar centrifugals, efficiency and productivity are prime factors. Features that distinguish the innovative E series are in particular the higher throughput, which is achieved with the same low motor power that is also used in the previous centrifugal series. In addition, the centrifugal also effectively separates the syrup without any mechanical elements inside the housing. Another benefit is the extremely low maintenance requirements.

The elliptical discharge openings of the new basket design reduce peak stresses in the basket shell by more than 40 %. This increases the theoretical service life of the centrifugal basket by a factor of almost three.
Use of a failsafe control system not only reflects state-of-the-art technology; it also enhances the safety level for both the operating staff and the machine itself. The E-series machines, moreover, incorporate highly advanced automation features. These contribute considerably to a controlled and constant product quality.
With three E-series machine sizes, BMA can always offer you the best solution to your specific capacity requirements. Each size comes with three different versions that are specifically designed for handling either refined-sugar, white-sugar or raw-sugar massecuite. Another benefit is the modular options kit that we offer with the centrifugal so it can be tailored to suit your particular needs. Please contact us if you are interested. We will gladly advise you!

The benefits of the E series at a glance
•Up to 8 % higher throughput
•Lower colour circulation in the sugar house,  thanks to innovative syrup separation
•Longer basket service life with elliptical openings
•Minimised maintenance and long working cycles
•Process stability resulting from smooth operation
•Controlled and constant sugar quality thanks to modern automation features
•Maximum safety and reliability with failsafe controls
•Easy and low-cost replacement of old machines