Urgently required space for further growth available – conversion work completed on BMA’s premises

June 2009BMA’s origins as railway repair shop are indeed unknown to many people. Large areas have been used now as foundation for a solid conversion. Part of the repair shop building had been newly built in 1936 with such a massive structure that now for conversion, special saws had to be used to cut out reinforced concrete walls of partly 0.5 m thickness. Static problems due to floor loadings above the existing ceiling were not to be expected since this area was formerly used to store spare parts for steam locomotives. A re-calculation showed an admissible floor loading of 4 tons per m2, whereas for today’s office buildings 250 kg/m2 are required. This area being integrated, a new useful area of 4,000 m2 has been created, with 525 m2 alone for the BMA Automation shop.

June 2010
In a construction period of 14 months, areas of the old railway repair shop have been rebuilt, and BMA Automation GmbH has just moved into most of the new rooms.