Retrofit for extraction plants

In the past years, BMA has successfully introduced the segmented-bull-gear system with module 14 for tower drives, as a substitute for the single-piece bull gear that had been widely used until then. A segmented bull gear consists of 10 to 18 segments, depending on the number of teeth and the diameter of the drive section, and offers obvious advantages:

For its manufacture, a special material is used, which largely prevents crack formation. The easy-to-handle segments simplify assembly and it is also possible to exchange individual damaged segments.

To date, BMA has only ever modernised its own extraction plants. Recently, however, we have received the order to modernise a competitor’s tower extraction plant. Given the age of the existing drive, this project will involve updating the complete drive unit to BMA’s latest standard by providing a module-20 bull gear including new, flexible pinion carriers and 5 planetary gearboxes.