Gain a co-operative degree with BMA AG

When deciding on a career path, you are often faced with the choice between studying for a degree or completing a traineeship. While a degree basically focuses on more theoretical content, a traineeship is practice-oriented, but will limit your professional choices later. If you don’t want to decide between these two options, you could opt for a co-operative degree such as that offered by Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG (BMA).

BMA offers young people the opportunity to graduate as Bachelors of Arts and train as an industrial business management assistant (Industriekauffrau/-mann) at the same time. Such a co-operative degree with BMA gives students the best chance to find out what to focus on in their later professional career. During the three-year degree, they gain experience in several BMA departments, from Controlling, to Sales/Marketing and Production/Logistics, to Purchasing.

The degree and vocational training are structured as follows: Simultaneously with the four semesters spent at the WelfenAkademie, students complete their vocational training to qualify as industrial business management assistants, finishing with a final examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. After successfully completing all exams, the degree in Business Economics is complete and students will be awarded a state-recognised international Bachelor of Arts – and enjoy excellent career prospects at BMA.

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To apply, please send your application to:

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