New extraction tower for Aarberg/Switzerland

A few days ago we started delivering a new extraction tower to the Aarberg sugar factory. Over the next six weeks, a total of about 695 tons will have to be moved all the way down to Switzerland.

Our assembly and logistics teams plan road haulage on this scale a long time in advance. Regulations for heavy haulage transport differs from one country to the next. In Germany, 27 tons and over fall under this category, while in Switzerland, 20 tons are already considered to be an abnormal load. Goods transports of this size have to be escorted by the police. In Germany they are only allowed during the night.

A thorough route survey is carried out so that any obstacles, such as sharp curves on motorway slip roads or bridges that heavy-goods vehicles cannot manoeuvre, are known and the required measures can be taken in advance. The maximum number of lorries in one convoy is two.

The route from Braunschweig to our customer in Aarberg is some 760 kilometres long and takes four days. The heaviest item, the bottom-end shaft, weighs 35 tons, and the largest item, the screen section, is 11m long, 5.7m wide and 3.4m high.