Automation solutions for beet extraction plants and pulp presses

The requirements to be fulfilled by the drives for beet extraction towers and vertical pulp presses are continuously increasing. Up to ten gearboxes work in parallel on one bull gear. The most important aspects are to ensure a high failure safety during campaign operation and to transmit the huge torque while protecting the material from wear.

BMA Automation has therefore developed its own drive and control concept, which has been successfully applied for several years in many sugar factories.


  • Longer durability of the bull gear thanks to an even load and sophisticated electrical and mechanical monitoring systems
  • Long experience from the delivery of many units
  • Low mechanical wear of motors and gearboxes
  • Complete documentation of the operational behaviour by means of a specially developed data logger
  • High failure safety since the plant is able to continue operation even in the event of a frequency converter failure
  • One-stop solution

This concept is applied in the new BMA extraction plants and pulp presses as well as for the retrofitting of older plants.  In 2010 alone, BMA Automation received orders from three sugar factories in France and Germany to replace the existing switchgear units for extraction towers.

Unlike with former drive concepts, where one large frequency converter was jointly used by all motors, we now provide one ABB frequency converter per motor. The synchronisation of the individual drives is strictly monitored.

The switchgear can be equipped with the BMA DynFAS DL data logger, which provides for an uninterrupted logging of the relevant measured values at a high frequency of approximately 40 times per second and storage on external hard disks.


  • One frequency converter per drive train
  • Mutual monitoring of the drives with short response times
  • Proven BMA standard software
  • Remote-diagnosis option
  • Use of standard components ensures short replacement times
  • Simple connection to the factory’s process control system