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Latest publications

Special Reprint from SUGAR INDUSTRY  141 (2016) No. 3, 156–158 

An upgrade for batch centrifugals

by Dirk Seebaum, Sven Weidner

In the sugar industry, operating costs can be permanently reduced without making high investments. Calculations have shown that investments in upgrades of existing plants will pay themselves off after only 95 days in case of DynFAS FS upgrades, or 240 days for drive upgrades. With its retrofit concept, BMA Automation located in Braunschweig is aiming at three targets: a better utilisation of the centrifugal capacity, increased energy efficiency, and the use of innovative operating modes. Moreover, current standards with regard to plant safety are implemented by an upgrade, and a higher product quality is achieved thanks to innovative sensor technology.
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Abstract from Sugar Journal, June 2017

Continuous crystallisation of A and C product

by A. Lehnberger, D. Laue and R. Hempelmann

Changing market conditions are forcing cane sugar factories to find ways of improving the quality of the produced sugar and increasing the sugar output. Numerous process details from crystallisation, which are commonly applied in beet sugar factories, but not yet considered to be state of the art in the cane sugar industry, have in recent years been implemented in cane sugar factories.

Continuous crystallisation of bold A sugar in a vertical continuous pan (VKT) was verified while working at very low temperature differences. Process automation together with far-sighted operation of the process produces A massecuite of a consistent quality. The use of 4th vapour for continuous crystallisation of A product contributes significantly to steam savings in the sugar production process.

The yield improvement obtained by continuous cooling crystallisation of C product directly depends on the outlet temperature reached. The oscillating vertical cooling crystalliser (OVC) system achieves low molasses purities thanks to a final temperature of 40°C and the low percentage of fine crystals.  

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BMA - Oscillating vertical cooling crystallisers (OVC) in cane sugar factories: Return on investment after just one year

In order to achieve optimum crystal yields, sugar factories have to use cooling crystallisers for low-grade massecuite. However a number of basic conditions have to be fulfilled for excellent crystallisation results and, therefore, a high crystal content in the massecuite.
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Reprint from Vol.,137 (2012) No. 8, 518–522

Applications for drying and cooling sugar in respect of specific needs and ambient conditions*

by Hartmut Hafemann, Henning Griebel

BMA develops and builds equipment for drying and cooling sugar since quite a number of decades. The following products came out of this long period like the drum dryer/cooler and horizontal fluidised bed cooler. The latest application is BMA’s vertical fluidised bed cooler, type VFC, which has been installed and successfully been taken into operation e.g. at Imperial Sugar, Savannah USA. This paper focuses on the importance of taking into account the individual requirements and specific ambient conditions to adequately choose the drying and cooling equipment.
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