Plant replacement continues

BMA replaces another VKT at Nordzucker

The new BMA vertical vacuum pan (VKT) for C-product supplied to Nordzucker's Clauen plant was commissioned in time for the 2015/16 campaign. It has replaced the previous model, which had been moved to Clauen from a closed-down sugar factory in 1993.

In a second step, the existing VKT for refined sugar was now due to be replaced. This VKT was not originally located at Clauen either; it came from the Lehrte sugar factory, which closed down in 1998. As with the VKT for C-product, wear and tear put an end to its useful life, meaning that operation without interruptions could no longer be ensured.

The two new VKT had been included in the layout plans from the start, which therefore featured common foundations and a stair tower for both, leaving adequate space for the second VKT. Thanks to the excellent planning work, costs could be saved in both cases.

The new 4-chamber VKT for refined sugar has a total cylinder height of 31 m and a diameter of 5.6 m. With a massecuite flow rate of 125 t/h or more, its capacity exceeds the old machine's performance by about 20 %. The new VKT is currently being manufactured, and deliveries started in March. It will be commissioned in time for the next sugar campaign. A BMA team will have sole responsibility for assembly and installation on site. Assembly is due to be completed at the beginning of June.

Henning Griebel

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