Next round for CAHSA group, Honduras

In addition to its current project in El Salvador, BMA also has business with other Central American countries.

Across the border in Honduras, for instance, where BMA and Compañia Azucarera Hondureña S.A. (CAHSA) together successfully completed a first joint project in early 2015. This had involved installation and commissioning of a pan seeding system in the Santa Matilde sugar factory.

Now the project is in its second round. The goal is to increase the sugar factory's processing rate from 12,000 to 14,000 tcd. To achieve this, a continuous vertical vacuum pan (VKT) will be installed in the pan station for C-product. Additional customer requirements include a more consistent crystal content, a more homogeneous crystal size, higher sugar output, and reduced steam consumption.

CAHSA also wanted a fully automated and continuous process, to avoid having to interrupt operation, even for cleaning. Taking into account all these aspects, a VKT from BMA had to be the first choice. This is yet another project for the sugar experts from Braunschweig, who are working hand in hand with CAHSA Group to help them implement their long-term development plan.


Hans Cramer
BMA America

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