Engineering studies in 2015

More efficiency in the cane and beet sugar industries

The sugar industry still faces the challenge of having to further cut operating costs of factories. This applies to both older and more up-to-date plants. Often such optimisations go hand in hand with the wish to upgrade existing factory capacities.

More efficiency in the cane and beet sugar industries

The right solution for every factory

In its engineering projects, BMA always aims to optimise a plant's technological process and to improve its energy consumption. BMA's internal Engineering department has both suitable theoretical concepts for optimisation and extensive experience in the field. Over the past twelve months, BMA once again assisted many customers with its engineering services. Projects included both new factories, which could be designed with maximum efficiency from the outset, and existing plants. BMA always strives to improve these, taking into account local circumstances while aiming to keep existing machinery and equipment wherever possible. Tangible technological improvements are achieved with new equipment deployed at crucial stages of the process. In close agreement with each customer, BMA developed concepts for all cases, which reflected the latest in sugar technology and energy management. BMA thus always achieves the synthesis of the best technology, process design and tight investment budgets.

Selected engineering projects in 2015

Country Customer Service package
China Dafeng Yinmore Basic and detailed engineering for a new sugar refinery
El Salvador Cassa Group Basic concept for optimisation and extension of the Izalco and Chaparrastique cane sugar factories
India Someshwar Basic engineering for a new cane sugar factory
Morocco Sunabel Energy study for the reduction of steam consumption in the Ksar El Kebir beet sugar factory
South Africa Malelane Study on the options for optimisation and upgrade of a cane sugar factory
United States American Crystal Sugar Basic concept for optimisation and upgrade of the Drayton and East Grand Forks beet sugar factories
United States Michigan Sugar Basic concept for optimisation and upgrade of the Croswell beet sugar factory

Steffen Kaufmann, Dr Fahmi Brahim  

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