Completed, improved and expanded

In 2015, BMA once again maintained its leading position in the global market for sugar centrifugals. Activities focused on completing the E series, improving the K3300 control system, and expanding the modular range of options.

E2240 in service in India

E2240 in service in India

The benefits of the E series at a glance

  • Up to 8 % more throughput with the same motor power
  • Highly efficient energy use
  • Maximum safety thanks to fail-safe controls
  • Elliptical discharge openings for a longer basket lifespan
  • Controlled and consistent sugar quality thanks to state-of-the-art automation features
  • Less colour circulation in the sugar house thanks to an innovative syrup separation system
  • Minimal maintenance and long service life
  • Process stability thanks to smooth running 


E2240 completes the E series

In 2012, BMA launched the first model in a new series of batch-type centrifugals, the E1810. Over the next three years, more than 80 machines of this size were sold. The E1390 followed – a smaller model and another market success. And now, the series is complete, with the E2240. The timing was perfect. In early 2015, BMA had received an enquiry for batchtype centrifugals with a high throughput. When a prototype of the E2240 was presented to the prospective buyer at the Braunschweig site, he was so impressed that he requested immediate delivery of a first machine from BMA. As well as ordering another 21 E-series centrifugals! The prototype was commissioned in April 2015 and has since been running to the customer's full satisfaction. All other machines were also delivered by BMA over the course of 2015. The E2240 is the largest machine in the E series and can process almost 2,500 kg of massecuite per batch. Assuming a total of 27 batches per hour, that amounts to a throughput of more than 67 t/h of massecuite.

K3300 with optional stainless steel exterior
K3300 with optional stainless steel exterior

K3300 now features PLC

But BMA focuses on more than the development of new models and series. The further improvement of proven machines, for instance. Last year, the control system for the K3300 continuous centrifugal was enhanced and is now available as a PLC-based variant. Combined with an up-to-date colour touchscreen, the PLC has replaced the KS90 controllers. The well-known functions of massecuite control or regulation of the mixing or melting medium intake have been retained and further improved.

There used to be a linear relationship between the quantity of the mixing or melting medium and the motor power, and thus an indirect link with the throughput. If the centrifugal was running at the top or bottom end of its working range, this ratio would sometimes have to be adjusted by the operator. In the PLC-based sys tem, the desired ratio of throughput to quantity of medium can be adjusted as required, based on a range of setpoint values. The system will then automatically calculate the relevant curve. As a result, the K3300 will produce massecuite of consistent quality across its entire working range, with no other intervention required.

The colour screen is clearly structured, showing developments in power consumption, vibrations, or the addition of water. It also displays more details of the operating status and error messages. The operating parameters can be easily adjusted to varying conditions. Other benefits of the new solution include easier integration with a higher-level direct control system (via Profibus or Industrial Ethernet), and greater flexibility, for instance, for retrofitting the mixing function.

K3300 colour touchscreen
 K3300 colour touchscreen

Tailor-made solutions for everybody

Local conditions and standards or custom process flows place different demands on centrifugals. With its modular range of options, BMA has the right solution for all requirements – without longer delivery times! K3300 continuous centrifugals are ready for delivery within three months, E-series batch-type machines after four months.

The BMA range of options for centrifugals includes different materials, and drives from a number of manufacturers. As for the proven centrifugal control systems, customers can choose between Siemens, Allen Bradley and Schneider-based models.

In its own certified workshop, BMA Automation will produce fail-safe control systems that comply with the European IEC standard or the North American UL or CSA standards. BMA solutions for a wide range of different process requirements are based on many years of experience as a partner in the sugar value chain.

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