Expanding centrifugal production for China

BMA quality and no compromises

In 2014, BMA China expanded its assembly range to include not only continuous centrifugals but also batch-type machines (see also BMA Info 52/2014). The model in question belongs to the well-established and reliable B series. The aim is to supply the Chinese market with BMA centrifugals from China. They should have all the typical BMA quality characteristics, while also corresponding to an adequate cost and price level for the Chinese market by relying on locally manufactured parts.

Ensuring the required quality of the sourced, locally manufactured components is a special challenge. Some of the materials used in the original specifi cations are hard to procure in China or not available at all. Fully equivalent substitute materials have to be found, tested and approved. Manufacturing methods have to be audited, to ensure adequate manufacturing results. Because ultimately, the parts manufactured in China have to fi t together seamlessly with the core components supplied by BMA in Germany.

Smooth collaboration

The experiences gained in the assembly scheme for continuous centrifugals, which has been running since 2012, have proved very valuable in this context. As a result of the scheme, both BMA China and the local partners have developed a basic understanding of the expectations, options and limitations. This has made for much smoother coordination today than in the early days of our collaboration.

In an excellent cooperation with Siemens in China, the converter developed in Germany was adapted to Chinese requirements. It was produced using components available – and certifi ed for use – in China and now forms an integral part of our manufacturing range. The BMA-standard centrifugal control system was adopted unchanged.

In a first step, we expanded our workshop to include the facilities necessary for building batch-type centrifugals. Next, the manufacturing teams were trained by experts from Germany, with whose active support the first B1750 was successfully assembled.

This first machine was shipped in late 2014, assembled, and commissioned at the start of the campaign. It has since been running with the reliability and efficiency that BMA customers have rightly come to expect.

Ralf Sänger
BMA China