A successful year for BMA America

New projects and new colleagues in Colorado

Following the merger of BMA America with Brewer Steel and the successful delivery of a new sugar drying and cooling plant to the American Crystal Sugar Company, the success story of BMA America continued in 2014.

Acting together locally for more success

BMA America operates in all of BMA‘s business fields in the Americas. This includes the sale of the whole range of BMA products and related parts in the Sugar and Sweeteners field, services, and contract manufacturing. One special feature of contract manufacturing for BMA America is this: in addition to the wellknown apparatus in the BMA range of supplies, we also manufacture large mobile water tanks, such as are required particularly in oil and gas production.

BMA America can offer our American customers high quality and fast responses, being closer to them both in time and in space! This is felt, in a positive way, in everyday business, and especially in large-scale projects, where BMA America collaborates with other companies in the BMA Group.

Together we have demonstrated our strength in successfully completing even projects with a large scope, thanks to the best possible division of tasks across several BMA sites. Our customers benefit from this winning combination of German expertise and local presence. With our collaboration, we successfully completed the American Crystal Sugar Co. project at East Grand Forks, which has paved the way for a joint follow-up project at Hillsboro.

Repeating a success story

The plant for the sugar factory at Hillsboro is the second large-scale equipment project we are completing in collaboration with BMA Germany. Like the first joint project with American Crystal Sugar Co., it will involve the planning, manufacture and installation of an energy-efficient sugar drying and cooling plant that will easily cope with the high local differences in temperature between summer and winter. The standard parts will once more be manufactured in our workshop at Greeley, thus making perfect use of our capacities in the United States.

A growing team

Projects like these make for steady growth at BMA America. To continue to meet all our customers‘ needs, we restructured and expanded our team last year, particularly in customer service.

Cristin Mayer
BMA America