A premiere in Pakistan

Successful commissioning of two falling-film evaporators

Reducing consumption of resources to a minimum while enhancing performance – those were the objectives for a factory in Pakistan specified in the order JDW Sugar Mills Ltd. placed with BMA.

Better performance, lower consumption

We started off by preparing a concept study and an engineering study for the JDW Unit III cane sugar factory near the city of Ghotki. The aim was clear: reducing the consumption of steam and valuable power, while increasing the factory‘s production capacity.

Our studies showed from the start that it would be possible to achieve the desired figures with four new heat exchangers and two BMA falling-film evaporators, each with a 5,000 m2 heating surface. So BMA was awarded the contract for manufacture of the recommended plants. Despite an extremely tight schedule with little room for manoeuvre, the plants were installed in December 2014 and then successfully commissioned.

This was a pioneering project, being the first BMA falling-film evaporator ever commissioned in Pakistan. A worthwhile investment, as our customer has found after only a short time. The factory‘s processing capacity has been increased from 11,800 to 14,100 tcd, while steam consumption has been reduced from 48 to 43 % on cane.

Dr Fahmi Brahim