A force, to be reckoned with

BMA MENA Industries are going from strength to strength as a design and service provider in the Middle East and North Africa.

The new refinery in Iraq, the BMA Group‘s largest project in 2013 and 2014 by far, started on the initiative of BMA MENA. A challenge – and an enormous boost for the Tunis-based BMA subsidiary.

Its highly successful Etihad project is definitive proof of the performance and perseverance that BMA MENA can deliver, with the support of its Braunschweig-based parent company. Thanks to the project, BMA MENA were able to increase their workforce to 30 people. With new employees in project management, engineering and service, the subsidiary will be able to expand its activities, taking on more tasks in the MENA region.

A first step in service has been the supply of parts to the Etihad refinery, a contractual obligation that BMA MENA has taken on for five years under the project agreement. As a wholesale buyer for all types of parts, BMA MENA can pool many customers‘ needs and offer good conditions.

In addition to the refinery in Iraq, BMA MENA has, in the past two years, been busy with another large-scale project in an unusually difficult situation: the Tunisie Sucre sugar refinery in northern Tunisia (see BMA Info 49/2011). With the start of the Arab spring and the Tunisian Revolution in 2011, construction work on the almost completed factory was interrupted for several years. In this unfortunate but inescapable situation, the refinery would have literally crumbled during that time without the support of BMA.

This is where our service mentality and customer focus came to play a crucial role. Until it was possible to resume work, BMA MENA kept up contact with the customer, providing support in maintaining the unfinished plant and even equipment not supplied by BMA. But this not only stopped the plant from becoming derelict. In fact, BMA MENA turned the situation into success, using the time to iron out planning errors originally made by third-party contractors.

And so, BMA MENA‘s exceptional expertise and commitment are no longer a secret in the region. This is reflected in the increased interest expressed by many customers. Demand for support with largescale projects in particular has grown. With more than a dozen large feasibility studies in recent years, BMA MENA has now moved into a league that is normally reserved for significantly larger European and US planning firms.

BMA MENA may be smaller – but that makes it all the more flexible and to the point in consulting. In integrated projects, we act as technological consultants for complete project phases. As such, we not only supply equipment, but we advise our customers from a very early stage onwards, also in their choice of additional suppliers.

Unlike in traditional EPC contracting, however, we strive for closer collaboration with our customers. We develop complete solutions and take on responsibility also for third-party manufacturers, leaving our customers free to choose technology and equipment – right up to implementation. A model that our customers have come to appreciate very much.

Dr Mohsen Makina
BMA MENA Industries