BMA Automation goes IT! – The new DynFAS DL data logger

BMA Automation GmbH is now presenting its DynFAS DL data logger, which is designed to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of reliability, logging intervals and logging capacity. Although a host of data loggers is available on the market, none of the systems is able to meet the very high requirements.

The new data logger has already furnished convincing proof of its practical benefits during a BMA AG research project: data were to be gathered in the course of a sugar campaign, with the aim of further improving a product that has been a proven performer for several decades. An extremely high resolution and reliable data logging were crucial, since, in the sugar industry, data can only be logged for the duration of the sugar campaign; missing information cannot be determined during off-seasons.

Possible applications are:

  • Demonstration of machine performance to business partners
  • Determination and verification of warranty conditions
  • Demonstration of correct operation
  • Recording of values for R&D projects

Product properties:

  • High availability:

The use of tried and tested Siemens automation technology, together with Linux IT components, rugged automotive hard disks in a RAID array, and heartbeat signal features prevent permanent and unidentified system failures.

  • Heartbeat signal:

The system sends e-mail messages with status and logged data (positive message) at adjustable intervals. E-mails that fail to arrive, or status data indicating an error, suggest that there is an - at least partial - system failure. With these failure notifications, operators are able to react more quickly.

  • Short logging intervals:

Data can be logged at intervals of >=10 ms.

  • Long-term logging:

Depending on the back-up system, data can be logged for many years.