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Date: Thursday, 21.01.2021

Time: 15.00 PM CET

Speaker: Hans Cramer

Topic: How to achieve a high sugar crystal quality of the massecuite? 

In this webinar, Hans Cramer takes a closer look at the Pan Seeding Systems from BMA. He outlines the simple process control of the system in the sugar house. Hans Cramer shows that one of the main advantages is the excellent product with a high crystal quality along with good centrifuging ability of the massecuite. 

Learn more about the ROI of the use of a Pan seeding system. It offers a reduced sgar house steam requirement and a reduced wash water consumption by centrifugals.

Why not take the opportunity to join the Q&A session after the presentation!

Language: English

Date: Thursday, 18.02.2021

Time: 11.00 AM CET

Speaker: José Garrido

Topic: Webinar: Dynfas - contactless massecuite measurement

In this webinar, José Garrido takes a closer look at the Dynfas device from BMA. This unique device allows a contactles measurement of layer thickness for batch centrifugals. It can replace or complement a mechanical measurement and control system, permitting an automated, consistent massecuite throughput and lower water consumption.  It automatically detects overloarding and corrects automatically.  Get a higher sugar yield with this device. Learn more about the ROI - Return of investment - for the implementation of DynFas in your batch centrifugal.

More information in this webinar.

Language: English

Hendrik Wiesner Webinar

Date: Thursday, 15.04.2021

Time: 11.00 AM CET

Speaker: Hendrik Wiesner

Topic: Next generation OVC

More information coming soon

Language: English

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