Automated wash water control

UPGRADE KIT: Reflection measurement for automatic control of the duration
of wash water application as a function of the layer thickness in the basket of batch centrifugals*.

Reflection measurement: Another intelligent feature for BMA centrifugals

This UPGRADE KIT for batch centrifugals* will control the precise application of wash water. The wash water is controlled by the new refection sensor that utilises laser technology. To automatically control the washing process as a whole, this sensor applies the principle of time-of-flight measurement. One important advantage of this principle is that the measurement result is only slightly influenced by the type of object surface – which makes this measurement method very reliable.

The time-of-flight measurement principle is used in the centrifugal to start the time of application of the wash water, depending on the current state of crystal/mother liquor separation.

This measuring technique represents a complement to the existing constants for the wash water application time, which are now:

  1. Time-dependent
  2. Speed-dependent
  3. Reflection measurement New

Moreover, the perfect start of wash water addition contributes to a safe operation of the centrifugal:

In a first example, we have a mother liquor with high fines portion and without time-of-flight measurement. Despite an increasing centrifugal force in the basket, the solution cannot or only hardly escape. With wash water application that considers only one constant, time or speed, this may lead to unbalances in the machine. Unbalances in centrifugals represent a considerable risk to occupational safety. In this case, an early addition of the wash water is difficult. The new reflection sensor controls the optimal wash water addition in the centrifugal, while minimising the risk of unbalances in the basket.

Another example without sensor shows that the crystallizate may have already been compressed by the centrifugal force inside the basket, during the production process. This may lead to an insufficient cleaning by the wash water. The problem with it is that the crystallizate is no longer bathed, which may cause an unbalance by the so-called water wave effect, because the syrup cannot escape through the already compressed crystallizate. With a reflection sensor as intelligent feature, this dangerous effect is prevented. Thanks to the use of actual-time reflection measurement (not as a constant), these problems can be clearly reduced in the examples above. The washing process is started at the exact time, when it is needed.


  • Improved cleaning effect
  • Lower water consumption
  • Higher degree of crystal preservation
  • Less machine damage by unbalances

The UPGRADE KIT includes

  • Sensor
  • Discharging plough including discharger bearing
  • Solenoid valve
  • Right-angle plug
  • Pilot valve with coil

The kit will be installed by a centrifugal specialist from BMA.

*The UPGRADE KIT is compatible with centrifugals of the B, G, and E series. Compatibility must be checked in advance.


Subject to technical modifications 07/2023