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VKT - the preferred concept

Since 1983 BMA has supplied more than 70 plants for continuous crystallization of sugar house products of any purity, which operate at beet and cane sugar factories and refineries worldwide.

These plants can be designed either as vertical continuous vacuum pans (VKT, with up to 5 chambers) or as horizontal continuous vacuum pans (VKH), or even as a combination of these. This essential advantage of the BMA system allows the number of crystallization chambers to be optimally adapted to specific requirements. In addition, it is possible to increase the plant capacity by simply retrofitting additional chambers.

Some special features which account for the superiority of the VKT/VKH concept over other systems:

  • Cylindrical chambers identical with those proved in batch pans
  • Stirrers for efficient circulation and mixing
  • Defined flow of massecuite from chamber to chamber
  • Controlled process conditions in each chamber
  • Cleaning of chambers during production.

These characteristic features provide the basis for excellent reliability, especially in case of malfunctions and in underload operation.


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