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In 2001, the first two sugar cane diffusers of the latest type were successfully put into operation. These plants operate at Khanh Hoa Sugar, Vietnam, and at SNJ Sugars and Products Ltd., India.

The success these two projects scored can be explained in general by BMA's untiring efforts to advance development and modernization its sugar cane diffuser. The last steps that were taken in the course of this continuous development process led up to the new BMA cane diffuser concept described below, which, in addition to the well-known advantages of the widely employed diffusers for bagasse and sugar cane, involves several additional innovations:

  • reduced consumption of energy
  • high extraction at reduced imbibition
  • reduced costs due to local fabrication of more main components
  • increased reliability

For the cane diffuser at Arunachalam Sugar, in particular, the distinctly reduced consumption of energy by the new BMA diffuser was an essentially decisive factor. The three most important factors reducing overall energy requirements are:

  • Employment of a new, much more efficient imbibition system which requires less imbibition liquid and in turn results in reduced steam requirements for the evaporator station.
  • A new patented pre-dewatering drum which retains considerably more liquid in the diffuser than other designs, preventing cooling of the liquid in the dewatering mills and saving the steam that would otherwise be required to reheat it to the diffusion temperature.
  • A new patented mechanical cleaning system for the bagasse conveying chains, which is much simpler and much more reliable than conventional hydraulic cleaning systems. As no liquid is used for washing, there is no loss of heat. In addition, it avoids unnecessary recirculation of fibre particles back into the diffuser.

The two latter factors alone can reduce the steam consumption of a diffusion plant by up to 10%.

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